Julian Reiche

Julian is the Digital Advertising Team Lead at Northern Commerce, Canada's fastest growing full-service ecommerce agency. Cutting his teeth in the startup world Julian brings a growth mindset to the agency world where his team scales clients growth models and implements high impact digital advertising campaigns. Northern Commerce combine experience, creativity, and data to scale acquisition strategies driving real growth for clients at scale.
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Case Study: How To Create Facebook Ads That Never Suffer Ad Fatigue

Posted on March 2, 2018 by Julian Reiche
As a full service eCommerce development and digital marketing agency, Northern Commerce’s clients often ask for advertising solutions that work at scale and look great on Facebook and Instagram. Using DataFeedWatch this blog post walks you through how to create Dynamic Ads that look great with lifestyle images from your store, this will allow you to make ads [...]
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Posted in: Facebook, Dynamic Product Ads

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