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Major Google Merchant Center Interface Update

The new Google Merchant Center update has that fresh Google look and feel. We have a look at the new GMC interface and its new features.
Monica Axinte
Data Feeds

4 Reasons Why YOU Should Optimize Your Data Feeds

It's not a good strategy to outsource the most valuable asset of your product advertising campaigns to your IT department. Why optimize data feeds?
Monica Axinte
Case studies

Data Feed Optimization for Beginners

As a retailer, your priority is data feed optimization basic optimizations. Maintain inventory and ensure products advertised are in stock and up to date.
Monica Axinte
Optimizing campaigns

How to Track Shopping Campaign Performance on a Product Level

A savvy marketer knows the best way to improve shopping campaign ROI is to track product level performance in a shopping campaign.
Mateusz Miodek

The Pros and Cons of Selling on Amazon

For some merchants, selling on Amazon could turn out to be beneficial to their retail strategy. For others, selling on Amazon will not work.
Monica Axinte
Data Feeds

Why Bidding on Product Type Gets you Better Results

Add product type to your data feed and bid on product type in shopping campaigns to increase the frequency of your products showing up in search results.
Monica Axinte
Data Feeds

How To Exclude Products From Your Data Feed The Right Way

Sell more by advertising fewer products. Take the unprofitable, seasonal, out-of-stock and low-price products and exclude products from the data feed.
Monica Axinte
Comparison Shopping Engines

Bid on your Bestsellers in Google Shopping to Increase ROI

A sure way to improve the overall performance of your campaign is to find your bestselling products. Then focus Google Shopping bidding on them.
Monica Axinte
DataFeedWatch News

LightSpeed & SEOshop: Create and Optimize Your Data Feeds

Create and optimize your data feeds for a better performance on LightSpeed and SEOshop eCommerce with the data feed management tool from DataFeedWatch.
Monica Axinte
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