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33 Google Seller Ratings and Product Reviews Platforms 2018

Ratings make your listings in Google Shopping stand out and they also help you build trust with potential customers, improve your visibility in search, and increase on-site conversions.
Monica Axinte
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What You Need to Know to Start Selling on TradeTracker

So, how do you get started with affiliate marketing? That’s where comes in as it is one of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms currently available.
Monica Axinte

How To Use Custom Labels for Facebook Dynamic Ads

Custom labels are important not only on Google Shopping, but on Facebook as well. However, even if you are already familiar with Custom Labels on Google Shopping, chances are you might have overlooked some very interesting and sneaky usage possibilities.
Monica Axinte
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All You Need To Know About What's New in Google Shopping in 2018

Here you will find all you need to know about what is new in Google Shopping in 2018!
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How to Bulk Replace Values in Your Product Feed

Learn how to create bulk replaces in your product data in just a few minutes with Replace Multiple Values.
Monica Axinte
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How to Create and Optimize Custom Labels for Google Shopping Campaigns

Custom Labels is one of the crucial attributes to make the most of your Google Shopping Campaigns. Add custom labels to your Google Shopping data feed.
Jacques van der Wilt
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Your Guide to Selling on Idealo

Tens of thousands of people visit Idealo a day and promoting your products on the price comparison site could be driving an average 42% more orders on your site.
Monica Axinte
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A Retailer's Guide to Growth with Google Shopping Actions

Google Shooping Actions: Now, your customers’ shopping experience could be made much easier, all thanks to the introduction of cost-per-sale Google Shopping Actions.
Monica Axinte

A GDPR Overview for eCommerce Retailers

Privacy becomes more important as more people do more activities online. With the coming GDPR, it is time to take a look at a few last-minute items regarding the new EU legislation.
Logan Rivenes
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